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Current Series: Male & Female?

Male And Female - The Bible and Gender | Meridian Point Church

About the series

Our culture is in a debate about gender. Do you choose your gender? Is gender a continuum of choices? What pronouns are to be used? This discussion has more far reaching effects than you might think, striking right at the heart of God’s design for us. Join us as we take a look at the Bible and gender.

THIS WEEK: Lipstick, Lace, And Legs

God’s Design for Women: What makes a woman a woman? Is it more than lipstick, lace, and legs? God’s view of what it means to be a woman can be quite different from our cultures view.

Work As Worship Retreat | Meridian Point Church

February 23

Join thousands of business leaders across the country for a full 1-day retreat to hear from experts, be encouraged, and discuss how to connect your faith and work.

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Upcoming Events

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