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Our desire is that every person who attends Meridian Point will engage with others in deep and meaningful relationships. We want each person who comes through these doors to find a place where they belong.


ABCs are designed to give every attender of MPC a solid biblical foundation for their faith. Our education program is heavily involved in our LifeGroups and meets at various times.


Check up on the latest events at MPC! Throughout the week people use our building for various reasons. If you’d like a big open area for your event, fill out the event request form.

Current Series: THE PLAN

About the series…

God had promised that He would do what humans had proven incapable of doing… design a plan to restore us to a right relationship with God, and save us from the mess we had made of His creation. Can God work with fallen humans to carry out The Plan? Find out in our new series from the book of Genesis!

This Weekend: What Was He Thinking?

After years of waiting for Isaac, the son of promise, God commands Abraham to sacrifice him…and Abraham does it!?!?! What were they thinking? What are we supposed to learn from this?


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