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Since about the 1950’s we have searched and spent millions for a mythical solution to fitness and health. What would happen if we put that same focus on finding a secret to spiritual health? It’s no secret. Join us as we discover the 1T4X Spiritual Health Plan.

A Picture Of Health

America is the healthiest culture in the history of the planet and yet we seem to have no more peace and contentment. Maybe we are spending to much time on the wrong things. Is there a diet/workout that will lead to real happiness? The Bible holds the answer.

How To Succeed

So what’s it going to take to get Spiritually ripped? You’ll need the right equipment and the right state of mind.

Cold Turkey

At some point in a workout or diet you just have to jump in. You have to set the alarm an hour early, cut out the sweets, and go cold turkey. What’s that look like in spiritual training?

Spiritual Exercises

Just as there are physical habits you must develop to get physically healthy, there are spiritual exercises that must become habits if you are to be spiritually healthy. Find out the 6 exercises that are key to your spiritual health!


BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol levels… We have all kinds of ways to objectively measure our physical health. Can we objectively measure our spiritual health?


If you’ve been a Christian for any amount of time, you’ve experienced failure in your attempts to train for godliness. What should you do when you fail? The answer may surprise you!

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