2014 MPC Priorities

At our Anniversary service in November we announced our priorities for the new year.

1) We will continue our plan to give away 50% of committed giving to outside ministry.

This year we raise our giving to 35% and the new 5% will be set aside for our plans to start a new church in the coming years.  New churches are a great tool for reaching new people so we want to be sure we are starting new churches!  We continue to support LifeNetwork, the Honduras mission, Karios college ministry, and short-term mission trips. In order to let our ministry partners know what we will be providing in the coming year we ask that you let us know how much you intend to give on a regular basis in 2014. Our giving to our ministry partners is based on these commitments. Commitments can be made anonomyously through a form available at our information desk. Just fill it out and place it in an offering plate/box on Sunday morning.

2) Make our gym more effectively multi-purpose.

Due to our space issues we thought about building a full new building. Would it be nice and would it be used? Sure. But, it’s not needed (yet). We haven’t completely used up our current space for worship. With more chairs, some storage and smarter use of the space we have we can still wring more out of it.  We are committed to getting the most we can out of what we have! We do not want to spend significant money on building unless we have some real specific needs that can be met. We do not want to do it just on “what would be nice” or the growth we think God is going to send but on the needs we have now.

So, we have already added new lights and purchased new chairs for the worship space. We feel, and have already seen, that this will make that space more conducive to worship and events and also provide a more comfortable and warm welcome for our guests. Plans have begun to build storage areas and to make our stage and equipment as portable as possible to make the area more easily changeable for whatever use we need.

3) Build an addition with lobby space and upgraded preschool and nursery space. To then remodel the current kids building for Jr./Sr. High space and K-5th space.

Plans are in the design stage to extend the gym to create a lobby that connects to our current children’s building (this frees up space in the gym and adds security for the kids), adding new Nursery and Preschool space in the new edition (for easier access for parents and a nicer play area for the kids), and repairing and remodeling the current kids building  (including turning the current basement into Jr./Sr. High space.) We are also planning on having a second story to the lobby area for additional classroom space.

In order to accomplish these goals here’s what we are looking at financially.

  • 2014 Budget: $5320 wk.  This is a 15.5% increase over 2013 ($4608 -> $5320)/wk

  • That would mean  65 families giving an extra $11/wk over and above what they now give
  • The time schedule of these projects is solely dependent on our finances. We believe the increased giving we are proposing would allow us to start the process immediately.

So, there you have it. We believe God has some amazing things in store for the ministry here at MPC in 2014! We ask for your continued support and prayers as we move ahead.

As always, if you have any questions or idea please let me know.



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