30 Day Commitment to Pray: Day 1

[intro]First off, we want to thank everyone who’s committed to praying with us for the next 30 days! We have a total of 62 people who’ve committed!![/intro][clear]

You guys rock! This is going to be a great opportunity for us to grow together in our relationship with God. Some of you may be asking how this is going to work. So here’s the scoop.

How this will work…

Every day you’ll receive a reminder through our church app, blog, and Facebook with a link to check a box to say that you’ve prayed. And the next day we’ll post the number of those who’ve prayed along with the prayer request or reminder that gets sent out. So be sure to watch our Facebook page and to keep your notifications on through our church app so you can easily log in and check the box. Doing it this way will help us all with accountability during the next 30 days.

Download the app

Our church app is available in both Google Play and the App Store. Again, be sure to allow notifications from the app so you can get that reminder each day to check the box.

Watch Facebook

If you haven’t found us on Facebook yet, here’s the link. We’ll be posting the link to check in every day to make it easy for all of us to stay on top of our commitment to pray.

Our E-newsletter

Our e-newsletter list will get an email each with the link as well. If you’ve not signed up to get our emails, this is a great way to stay connected with all that’s going on and to be notified about urgent prayer requests and church and individual needs. Sign up for the e-newsletter.

Prayer requests

As always, we welcome any prayer requests you may have. This 30 Day Commitment to Pray also gives us great opportunity to pray for you. Submit a prayer request here.


What to pray about today…

So lets get going! I think a good thing to pray about today is our commitment as we begin. Lets pray that we pray. Lets really focus on paying attention to God, like what Barry talked about in the message last Sunday, and ask God to help us and remind us to do it, to make this a priority in our lives and not forget.

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