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Commitment Stats

As of this past weekend, we have 76 people committed to praying. Great job everyone!

Pray with Barry...

So as I’ve tried to be more aware of not just “talking to” God but rather “paying attention” to God this last week, I set my watch to remind me periodically to stop for a moment and remember God’s presence. Inadvertently, I found a much more interesting and effective way to remind me of this.

Everyday we’ve been having people check in when they pray, and every time someone does, it’s set up to give me an email notification. So for the last week, 30-40 times a day, I get a little message on my watch and phone that pops up periodically that simply says, “I prayed.” What a great thing to be reminded of all day long! Not only that I should be stopping and paying attention to God, but that His family is doing the same thing all day long! It’s been an incredible encouragement for me.

So I want to give you the same opportunity to experience these reminders that God’s family is turning to Him all day long, and use it to remind each of us as individuals to make sure we are doing more than “talking to God” at various points of the day, but also that we are continually keeping our attention on Him. Pray without ceasing!

Sign Up For the Reminders

If you’d like to receive the emails that Barry’s been getting when someone prays and checks the box, add your email address to the list!

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