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Only 3 days left!

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost finished with our 30 day commitment to pray! Any time we do something for 30 days, it helps us develop a habit. This is definitely a good habit to get into. Lets finish strong y’all!

Pray with Barry Zimmerman...

When I was first starting in ministry, someone once asked me how much time I spent in prayer. When my answer was far from impressive, they noted how much I was doing and asked me, “Do you think prayer is doing something?”

That question has always stuck with me. The famous preacher D.L. Moody said this, “I’d rather be able to pray than be a great preacher; Jesus Christ never taught His disciples how to preach, but only how to pray.”

Over the last 30 days, as I’m constantly reminded to turn my attention to God in every moment, I have been reminded of the great honor of being able to speak with God at anytime. I’ve been reminded that prayer is one of the most effective things we can be doing. I’ve been reminded to thank Him for the many little daily blessings that far too often go without thanks. I’ve been reminded that God is constantly wanting me to keep my thoughts on Him. I’ve been reminded that powerful things happen when God’s people talk with and pay attention to their King.

Pray without ceasing!

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