(A Response from 'You Asked For It') My Name Is…Living In Jesus Name


If you were to walk through the metals doors of my church building on Sunday mornings, you would take a slight right and run right into a little brown table with blank tags, sharpies, a bowl of candy, and Kevin and Becky. This couple instituted something I think of putting into practice in my own home every time I run through the list of names of one husband, five children, two dogs, and sometimes extended family – NAMETAGS!

Now, my kids love this little table for two reasons: they get to write with markers and they get candy if they do! Smart little people 🙂 I on the other hand rarely make it over there as I head left, instead of right…straight to the coffee. Then I double back to the bathrooms and head to find my little brood as my husband has already begun the first song. On the Sundays that I do make it over to the table, I quickly scribble my name, pull the backing off the sticky, and then promptly slap in on…my leg. Yeah, I’m that weirdo! I head to my seat, set down child, coffee, ipad, possibly another bag full of notebooks and pens for the other four, several toys for the crawler, maybe a snack or two, and then I see if it’s safe for me to begin singing. About five minutes after that I will either be sitting with Baby Girl or picking her up and I will notice out of the corner of my eye a certain name tag stuck to some random object, not the least of which is my pant leg. Ah, well, it’s a long name to try and read during the meet and greet time anyway.

Normally I don’t ponder too much on inanimate objects such as sticky, marker-colored rectangles (well, there’s a possibility that I do), but then my pastor had to go and end his sermon like that! Like he had to answer a question about praying “in Jesus’ Name.” Why we do it and how it’s not a magic formula but rather our state of being after we become Christ-followers. I believe we say it because, yes, His Name holds power, strength, might, and glory, but when he said it had more to do with who we are now…in Christ…bearing His Name…living in Jesus’ Name, well that…yeah that moment, changed it all for me. Actually, it was this phrase: “So, you lie…in Jesus’ Name. You watched that…in Jesus’ Name…” Um, if ever you start to candy-coat or water down Who Christ is, His very Holiness will look you square in the face and remind you. So, what now?!

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