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Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection was only the beginning of the story. So what happened next? Join Meridian Point Church this Easter as we begin a brand-new, 12-week sermon series: A.D.

This series is based on the television series, A.D. (on NBC from April 5 through June 21) and covers the first ten chapters of the Book of Acts. Click for more information.

Trade The Fear

Episode 1

Have you ever put yourself in the disciples’ shoes when their friend was crucified? A lot of times we don’t recognize the humanity of Jesus and His followers. Learn the difference it makes and the hope we truly have in Jesus in the midst of our greatest fears.

Why Should I Believe?

Episode 2

When told Jesus was alive, Thomas basically said, “Show me the proof!” What’s the proof?

Wind And Fire

Episode 3

Miracles are great, but do we sometimes miss the message? The miracle on Pentecost pointed to a great message that we don’t want to miss!

He Isn’t Safe

Episode 4

Two people drop dead in the new Christian Community! Is following Jesus safe?

Ticking Off The Right People

Episode 5 & 6

What should I do if sharing my faith ticks others off?

Meet A Need

Episode 7

Jesus had told his people to go and they had stayed. But when persecution breaks out, the Christians take the message of Jesus as they scatter. One man, Phillip, changes an entire city. The mission is the same today…will you go or stay?


Episode 8

Forgiveness! Have we forgotten how great it is? In the account of Saul’s conversion, we are reminded how awesome it is to be forgiven by God!


Episode 9

Running into the ex-boss? Ex-spouse? Ex-friend? Only one word to describe it…awkward. When Saul, ex-persecutor of Christians, converts we have one of the most awkward situations in Scripture.

Sola Scriptura

Episode 10

So how should a Christian react to a show like A.D. that contains extra-biblical material? How much should Christians pay attention to material other than the Bible?


Episode 11

We can’t get away from interruptions to our schedules, plans, and goals. So how do you react to those interruptions? What if they aren’t really interruptions at all but God trying to whisper in our ears?

Table Manners

Episode 12

So, how should Christians respond to the gay “marriage” issue? We are encourage in Acts 10 to adopt good table manners.

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