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As one who tries to make sure that your ministry and the events you plan get communicated clearly to the church and local community, I’ve made some very interesting observations to our web site and Facebook traffic. I’m sure research backs this up, but I probably don’t need to go into that detail when the information is directly in front of me. So here goes.

*This is a continuation of another post about communicating at MPC. You can read more about that here.

Wednesday is the day!

For some reason, Wednesday is the day that most people look online for things to do over the weekend. Our site traffic spikes to almost double its regular viewing traffic on Wednesdays. It also skyrockets on Saturdays and Sunday. This tells me two things. One: on Wednesday people are looking for an event to attend over the weekend either for their family, kids, or themselves. Two: Saturday and Sunday traffic most likely points to people looking at a place to attend a church service.

The pages they view...

So I dug a little deeper. The most viewed pages on Wednesday end up being our Events, First Time, and Contact or Location pages. On Saturdays and Sundays, they tend to avoid the Events page and move straight on to First Time and Location so they can see when service times begin and how to get to MPC. Another thing is that people who look during the week for a church to attend on Sunday, usually dig through the site a little deeper to see how well we fit with their beliefs, the ministries we offer, and so on.

Wonder why it's due on Tuesday?

As most of you probably know, all communication submissions for your events are due on Tuesday because the e-newsletter goes out on Wednesday. Based off the information above, it makes sense to send out our e-newsletter for weekend involvement on Wednesday because people are looking for something to do this weekend.

My conclusion...

So let’s the get the word out! Let’s give people something to do with a great church community that’s safe and wholesome for everyone! Now, I’m not asking you to fill the calendar up with a ton of events. However, engaging our community with the body of Christ is important, and it’s what we know we should do as believers and ministers of the Gospel. It’s important for us to be meaningful in how we engage the church and the community and connect them with Christ. People who visit our site are looking for community, for something that fits their family or them as an individual. That means that no idea for an event is too small or meaningless. We want to hear your ideas and then equip you with what you need to run your event as effectively as possible, whether that be on location at MPC or at your home.

No idea for an event is too small or meaningless.

Something just for you!

We’re about to have a meeting at MPC for anyone involved in ministry. Please make it a point to attend! This is an opportunity for us to dream together about our approach to this New Year, 2017. If you serve anywhere at all, this meeting is for you. You don’t have to be in charge of a ministry to come to this. If you’re serving at any capacity in any ministry, this is for you! We want to partner with you in ministry and give you opportunity to partner with us as well. So click the image and take a look at the event, add it to your calendar, and come! We want to see you there.

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