Another Second Chance

[intro]How a stranger’s kidney saved my life and my brother’s too![/intro]

Imagine in your darkest moment, as you lay on death’s door step; The God of the  universe reaches down (in the most amazing, miraculous way) and hands you the ultimate second chance. Then does the same thing for your brother the very next day!! ALL because a stranger from a 1,000 miles away was convicted by God to give his kidney away…

This is a very powerful book about the author’s experience in facing the ups and downs of kidney disease. After playing Jesus Christ in a local passion drama for 9 years, his world is turned upside down as he states in the first chapter, “This would cause me to question who I was, all that I had believed, and God Himself.” We live through Troy’s journey and the emotional and spiritual roller coaster with him, but always we sense God in control of the situation even when all seems hopeless.

You will find yourself eagerly reading in suspense wanting to find out what happens next and how God will work. The author merely talks to us as if to friends, sharing something wonderful and awesome that happened to him; How at death’s door step, he found God’s Hope, Peace, and the reason for it all.

“I knew all of these things happened for a reason! God revealed afterwards, the reason for the pain, was to bring Hope, the reason for the Hope was to bring  the miracle, and the reason for the miracle was to write this book to share the  Hope with you!!” – Troy Lewis

This book really isn’t just one person’s story of trial. It’s everyone’s story, because it’s God’s story. This is a beautiful inspirational book of love, struggles, faith, and hope. When a person is feeling down or lost in their own troubles, it will be an excellent resource to read over and over again. It’ll make you laugh, cry, hope, reflect, and by the end…Praise in victory!


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