Are your Children a Blessing?

The scripture tells us How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of themPsalm 127:5.

Is that how you are feeling about your children today?

There are many days that I can admit that this is far from how I feel.  There are days I wish the quiver was the opposite of full.

Perhaps you have felt the very same way I have felt.  It is on these days that I know exactly what the issue is. Perspective.

You see the moment I start looking at things from my perspective from my sinful, all about me, want to have it my way persecutive I forget one very important thing……..I forget what a gift my children are from the Lord.   I forget to look at them as not mine but as gifts that God has entrusted to me for a very short period of time.

When my perspective changes its weird but so does my attitude!

I begin to see my children as the blessing they are intended to be!

I begin to feel blessed that my quiver is full!

Discuss: How have you seen your perspective change by a change in your attitude?

Prayer: That our attitude will always be like Christs, and that we will love each of our children as Christ loves them. 




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