Beneath The Waters

Jesus and Peter both speak about how the Flood in Noah’s day still has relevance to our lives today. What makes the flood so key to understanding God’s plan for mankind? Did it even actually take place? What’s the evidence? Could all the animals even fit? Join us as we head beneath the waters of Noah and the Flood! [hr]

Before The Flood

Why is it important to understand the account of Noah as a real historical event? What was the world like before the flood? [grid-50]

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Noah: A Righteous Man

Noah’s righteousness caused him to find favor with God, and ultimately salvation. How can we strive to live Holy, blameless, righteous, lives because of what God has done, and remember that there will be a seconding coming of Jesus with a similar judgment to the flood? [grid-50]

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The Flood

Is there any evidence the flood really happened? How about the ark? How’d all those animals fit? The answers are more obvious than you may know.


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Jesus And The Flood

What does the flood mean to me today? Why should I care? Peter points to the flood as key to understanding our current times and our future.


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