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Why do certain Christmas stories become classic? What is it about the human condition that makes some of these stories timeless? Is it because they have managed to hit upon God’s story? Christmas at the Movies will explore Christian principles that have made some of our favorite Christmas movies… “classic.”


John has a unique version of the Christmas account in his Gospel. Find out the unique way the Word became flesh.

Fred Claus

Some people can take a season like Christmas and turn it into a problem.  Find out how we can solve the problem of hurt people hurting people.

The Polar Express

Is the Polar Express the silver bullet in our theory that popular media always has some tie to truth? Or is there a hidden spiritual meaning that can be found?

Miracle On 34th Street

So what is the real Miracle on 34th Street? Can you prove things you can’t see? We examine a Christmas classic to find out the answers.

The Santa Clause

So if you found out that everything you’ve heard about Santa is true, would you put on the suit?

Jingle All The Way

Does this movie actually retell a parable of Jesus in a modern way? What would you do to get a valuable treasure?

Rise Of The Guardians

Jack Frost doesn’t understand why he was called to be a guardian. He searches to understand his “center” and what he’s designed to do. The question arises for us too. What is your center? What are you designed to do?


There is no doubt Buddy the Elf has an unbridled joy of Christmas. If he can have that kind of joy for Santa and snow, how do we as Christians rediscover that kind of joy for the birth of our King?

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Frosty The Snowman

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