We have pressure everyday to conform to the world around us and sometimes it seems unavoidable. This is not a new issue for the people of God. See how Daniel and his friends held up under the pressure in our new series… “Conform!” [hr]

Daniel And The Diet

The pressure to conform is ramping up! How do we stand up under it? Is there a purpose in the pressures we face to wander from God’s design? Will you conform? [grid-50]

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Daniel And The Dream

Just as dangerous as conforming to the world is trying to get the world to conform to you. It leads to nothing but frustration. Nebuchadnezzar learned this lesson the hard way. [grid-50]

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Daniel’s Friends And The Fiery Furnace

It may be disastrous spiritually if we conform to the world or try to conform the world to us. But what happens when we try to get God to conform to our will? [grid-50]

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Daniel And The Lions Den

Daniel lived a long life of obedience in the same direction. What can we learn to follow his example? [grid-50]

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