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CORE – Spring 2014

CORE – Spring 2014

Series: CORE – Spring 2014

So how do we stay healthy as we grow? What makes a church THE Church? It all comes down to our CORE.

Corporate Worship

Is it possible to find a worship service everyone can agree on? Paul writes to the Corinthians with some principles that can guide us in our times together.

Others Focused

If we are to properly represent God to the culture around us, the things He focuses on have to be what we focus on. God’s focus is on people. How do we make sure we’re as crazy about people as He is?


Does fellowship mean more than food? What do relationships in the Church look like? How do we model Jesus’ friendship with us to the world around us?


The final piece of the CORE is Education. How does our knowledge or lack of knowledge of God’s Word affect us every day? How do we develop scriptural “muscle memory?”

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