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Theologian Francis Schaeffer said, “The basic problem of the Christians in this country in the last eighty years or so…is that we have seen things in bits and pieces instead of totals. We have become disturbed over permissiveness, pornography, the public schools, the breakdown of the family, and abortion. We have failed to see that all of this has come about due to a shift in worldview—that is in the overall way people think and view the world and life as a whole.”

Our friends and families and our communities and leaders are embracing faulty worldviews, and Christians have become increasingly unable to convey the truth. So what do we do?


We are going to take a look at the Christian worldview and see why it is the only view that puts the pieces of life into a proper working order, and learn how to dispute the competing worldviews that are all around us.

God vs. gods

God is actively pursuing us through general and specific revelation. He wants to, and can be, known.

God vs. Reality

It’s through our personal answers to the questions of philosophy that we seek to know and understand the way the world works, and then attempt to live a life that fits our understanding. so what provides a more reasonable explanation of what is “real,” science or faith?

God vs. – You Asked For It…

This weekend we took questions about the current series and spent some time answering them.

God vs. Life

Watch the video we presented during services.

God vs. Mind

Obviously mankind has problems. The question is, “How do we solve them?” Your worldview will define what you think the problem is and how you’ll solve it.

God vs. Right/Wrong

How do we know what’s right and wrong? Does right and wrong change depending on the situation or is it a constant?
The fundamental clash we see in our society at present is the clash between Christianity with its belief in moral absolutes (that there are certain things that are right or wrong for all people, in all places and all times) and the humanist belief in relative morality (that there are only opinions and right and wrong depends on the situation).

God vs. Society

What makes a healthy society?

God vs. Law

How do we establish the rules we live by?

God vs. Politics

Christians have always had to deal with government, both good and bad, for and against. So it’s a good idea for us to get a grasp on the role God would have us play, which is the idea of politics.

God vs. Economy

From the beginning one of God’s purposes with His creation was to meet our needs. So a good place to start when dealing with the idea of “economics” is by asking a few questions. How do we get and manage our resources? What do we need?

God vs. History

Does history have a beginning, middle, and end? Does that answer matter?

God vs. – The Conclusion

So how do we live as Christians in a world of conflicting world views?

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