He has ALWAYS taken care of me!

A little over eight years ago, I graduated from college, that took me over 5 years to complete because I had  3 little girls & a husband that I also had to take care of.   I had managed to get very good grades and was known by my professors as a student that was going to be great in my new field, BA in Business with an emphasis on Human Resource Management.

I was taking everything in stride.  I had been a single mom before and I knew that I would go to school and graduate with a degree that would support my family no matter my marital status.

I had just graduated and was preparing myself to take PHR/SPHR Test, which of course make me even more employable.

This is when God sent my life in a direction I had not seen coming!!!

I was offered a job as a Family Pastor!

You see I had been working in the Children’s Ministry at my current church and while I enjoyed everything I was doing and could not see myself working in any other ministry, taking a job as a family pastor was not on my radar.

To say I had reservation would be an understatement!!

Remember I had been a single mom.  I wanted an income that would support me and my children regardless of my marital status.

Yes even though I was married &  Yes even though I no longer needed to be the main bread winner in my family, I had a plan and did not want to ever go back to that empty sometime negative bank account I had experienced.

Over the years I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have looked at my bank account.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many time I have looked at an empty bank account, wondering if we would have enough to get by.


God has ALWAYS taken care of me in the most unexpected and mysterious ways.  He has used friends, he has used anonymous envelopes on my windshield after church, he has used in-laws, he has used strangers in stores to serve me through their generosity.

I had to submit my will to what He had called me too.  I had to release my pride in order to serve others instead of just myself and my bank account.

Through this I became aware of my need to rely on God……. I became aware of my need to be in constant conversation with God……. I became aware that I needed to lay my need for a padded bank account down for the need to trust in my God more.  God has over the years ALWAYS taken care of me.

I know God is near because I have seen Him respond to my Prayers, time and time again.  He has ALWAYS answered my prayers whether that be Him saying Yes, No, or Wait.  When I look over the years I know that it would have been impossible for me to have survived without God.

I have learned over the years that I need to be in constant contact with the one who loves me so deeply that He would die for me.   Prayer is important.  It is our way to communicate with our God.  God cares about our needs & wants and He wants us to talk to him about them.

On May 1st our church is setting aside time to Pray.  We will be praying for our Community, for the Government, for our Education System, Police, Firefighters, for our Families.

We are asking everyone to sign up at the National Day of Prayer table to pray for at least 15 minutes that day.  This can be done either at home or here at the church.  

Then we would like to see our “WHOLE CHURCH” come out that night from 6-7pm for a COMMUNITY Worship and Prayer Time.  The prayer and worship time will be a time for the Meridian Point Church Family to come around those in the community and pray for them.  

See you May 1st


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