On Nov. 24th we’ll be sharing with you some big plans for meeting the continuing growth we are having here at MPC. But, some of those plans are starting now and you need to know!

First, we will be giving away another 5% (a total of 35%) of our committed giving to outside missions. This 5% will be set aside to begin a fund for planting a new church!  This has been something we believe God has called us to since the very beginnings of MPC and we are excited to see these plans begin.

However, as we begin that process we continue to fill up our current facilities and we’ve been discussing what we need to do about our space issues as God continues to send us growth. Part of the plan is continuing to use our current spaces as efficiently as possible. We discussed a need to possibly  build a new building to create more space but concluded we have other options that would incur much less cost and still meet our current needs. The idea is to make our current gym space more conducive for Sunday Worship and to make it more easily torn down for other activities (Upwards Youth Basketball, HarvestFest, Christmas events, etc.).  To that end we have two opportunities we’d like to move on right away… permanent lights for our worship times and more chairs.

Starting Monday new, permanent, controllable lighting will begin to be installed in our gym area.  This will allow us to have a space that feels more intimate and warm for worship and better facilitate things like the ballet, adult drama, and kids Christmas musical that we have each year. It also allows us to remove our portable lighting and make it usable for our Children’s Worship space leaving us one less thing to set up and tear down and store in our current space. The total cost is $7500 plus installation but we have a member who has done this work professionally in much bigger auditoriums who is willing to split the material costs with us and do the installation for free!  Many have already given and that has allowed us to begin the project and on Nov. 24th we are asking everyone to give over and above their normal giving to provide the full $3750 necessary for the project.

Our second opportunity is to purchase new chairs. We have had our current metal chairs since the congregation began in 2007. We have SO appreciated everyone being a little uncomfortable as we focused our resources on other priorities (needs with our well, painting and re-carpeting the gym, increasing our mission giving to 35% of all committed giving, providing CIY scholarships for our teens, etc.) However, if we are to create more room for growth in our current facilities we need more chairs. We’ve decided that along with getting more chairs it’s also time for and upgrade if we plan on this being our long term space.  So, we would like to purchase up to 200 new padded chairs that can be stacked for better storage.  80 of our current chairs will be used to expand our Children’s area and the rest will be kept for either overflow or given away/sold. The total cost for 200 chairs is around $9500.  We have someone who is working on a unique plan for raising those funds with the intention of having the chairs here by Christmas Eve! We’ll be sharing that plan with you this Sunday.

What’s the rest of the plan to continue to meet the growth God is sending our way? How will we fit more chairs in our current area? What about our space and security issues in our children’s building? Will Batman escape the villains devious trap?  We’ll let you know on Sunday Nov. 24th at our Anniversary/Thanksgiving service… Don’t miss it!

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 2 Cor. 9:8

What a great God we serve! What an exciting time to be serving together! What fun it is being in God’s family!


(As always if you questions or ideas don’t hesitate to contact me.)


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