Home Harvest Fest

We are less than ONE week away from Halloween. Please consider hosting a Home Harvest Fest or getting involved with one.

Many times we see that Jesus SENT his disciples out into the different communities, preaching and healing those that were sick or possessed. Jesus didn’t focus on waiting for people to come to him or to his disciples, but instead, he was proactive in going out, finding what the needs of the communities were, and serving them in those areas. The Home Harvest Fest is our opportunity to GO into our communities and to serve those around us. We are asking for you to get together with your life group or with some friends, have games for the kids to play as they trick-or-treat and pass out candy but also to be a light in your community by inviting those that come to your house to join you for service here at Meridian Point Church.

Churches can tend to get caught up in focusing on how many people come through their doors that they forget there’s a community outside their doors that needs the church to come to them. Here at Meridian Point we want to be a church thais known and respected by the community. We don’t want to be focused on our building or property but instead, we want to be part of the community and build real relationships, showing Christ to everyone around us.

What does a Home Harvest Fest look like? 

  • Have games for kids to play to earn candy
  • Have coffee, tea or hot chocolate to pass out to the parents
  • Talk to you neighbors and explain why you’re doing this
  • Become the house that everyone talks about and remembers that the church was in their community that night

For some game ideas, take a look at these links:




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