Is it wrong that I don't usually look forward to Easter?

Okay, let me clarify.  I always look forward to Easter. There is no better holiday than the one celebrating the payment of my sins, the promise of being made right with God, and proof that this earth is not all there is. What I sometimes don’t look forward to is Easter church services. It seems Easter services have become all about how many services you can have, how many people will show up,  and if you can add pyrotechnics, flying angels, and martial arts to the program. The problem is statistics show churches on average have 25% more people than usual on Easter Sunday and the Sunday after Easter is one of the lowest attended Sunday’s of the year. I love coming together with my Christian family and celebrating on Easter… but it kind of spoils it to know many just come to check off the box on their religious “to do list” or come see the Easter show. And worse, by our approach to Easter services, it can seem like churches even encourage those attitudes.

But, this year… I’m excited for Easter Sunday services! Maybe it’s because we are going to simply focus in on what it’s all about. Maybe it’s because it will be pretty much like any other Sunday service… and those are pretty great anyway. Nothing real different, no special big show, just our usual celebration with God’s family as we discuss and praise Him for who He is and what He’s done. Maybe it’s because we will be talking about how Easter is just the beginning and we’re going to begin our new series following the “A.D.”  tv series. Maybe it’s because although some may just be planning to do their annual visit to church, we’re going to encourage people to make Christianity their life not just an Easter thing. Maybe it’s because it’s all reminding me that in God’s Church we get to celebrate Easter all the time!

See you Easter Sunday? I’m looking forward to it.


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