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The book of Jonah deals with many things we still deal with today…forgiveness, grace, judgement, and discipline. Can we learn the lessons Jonah learned while spending time in a whale?

Do You Have A Problem With God?

Most people don’t thing they have a problem with God. But, in the book of Jonah we find out we might have more problems than we think.

What Do I Do About The Problem I Have With God?

There is a lot we can learn from Jonah, and if we are willing to do some personal inventory and application, there is a hope that God will be able to work us through these problems we have.

Jonah’s Sermon On Grace

Jonah obviously had a problem with God’s grace. He wanted God’s grace for himself but didn’t want it for anyone else. What does grace really look like in our lives, and how do we extend grace toward others?

Power Struggle

Ninevah’s problems with God were settled but Jonah’s problems continued. Find out the heart of our problems with God and how they can be resolved as we write the ending of the book of Jonah.

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  1. Barry says:

    YouVersion answers to the question, “What was your biggest take away from this message series?”

    • Grace is something we want from God but we we want God’s judgement on others.
    • We need to follow God and not try to impose our will on Him.
    • God even cares for the animals.
    • It isn’t my place to judge the world , but to have a heart that longs for salvation of the wicked.
    • I need to let God be God, and do my best to not try to be God, in all areas of my life.
    • My problem with God originates with my problem and not God! BOW!

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