July Women’s Group Service Project

For our July women’s fellowship, we will be working on a service project that was introduced to us during the Restoration Retreat this spring. We are asking for donations for “Backpacks for the Homeless in Memory of Kevin O’Brien” and on July 8, we will be putting together these backpacks. Next, the backpacks will be taken to Denver and given to the organization in charge of  distribution.  The supplies will then be passed out by volunteers to the homeless community in December. Here is the list of items needed for the backpacks-

Fleece Blanket Rolls
Hand Warmers
Rain Poncho
Toothpaste (travel size)
Bar Soap
Individual Kleenex Packets
Peanut Butter/cheese Crackers
Soup/Ravioli (pop top lid, not condensed soup)
Beef Jerky
Individual Fruit Cup
Vienna Sausages
Tuna Fish Kit
Granola Bars
Small Jar or Single Serving Containers Peanut Butter
Bottled Water
Hard Candy
Wash Cloths
Travel size shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, lotion, etc.
Also, they are in need of sleeping bags to hand out.

If you have questions about the “Backpacks for the Homeless in Memory of Kevin O’Brien” service project, feel free to email me at melanie@meridianpoint.church and I can give you some more information.

We are also going to be brainstorming for an ongoing service project (or a few) for the MPC Women’s Group to get started here in our community. Here are a couple of ideas I have gotten already-

Backpacks for homeless here in Falcon
Food cartons for children in need in Falcon
We will need more ideas and each of you have gifts that can help us get our service project going.
Bring a snack to share and lets put our heads together to begin helping the community!
See you on July 8th at MPC at 6:00pm.

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