Life Network: Because Life Matters

Ten years ago, my dad found Life Network in the phone book, yes, the phone book! He was searching for a place to take his pregnant, 17-year-old daughter. A place that would be safe, honest, helpful, and most of all, a place where Jesus was welcome.

I walked into Life Network that day, broken. They offered me a pregnancy test, which I took. The result: positive. I waited in a comfortable room. When that door opened, I expected another lecture, a disappointed face. Instead, God placed just the right woman in that room with me. What a “coincidence” it was that she had been a missionary in the same place where I grew up. I didn’t find any condemnation in that place. This woman showed me grace, showed me understanding, and better yet, reminded me of the grace and love that God was going to continue to show me, no matter what. When I left that day, I felt a little less broken.

In the months that followed, I received education on raising a baby. I earned baby clothes and other baby items by taking these classes. I also received continued counseling.

Life Network discusses what options are available to pregnant women. But it doesn’t stop there. An ultrasound is offered as well. The services don’t stop with the mother but they also offer counseling to the fathers. The services continue until the child reaches 2 years of age.

The services that Life Network offered to me that day ten years ago are only scratching the surface of all that they do. They also offer post-abortion support and counseling, showing hope and grace for the hurting.

Don’t take my word for it. On Thursday, December 8th, from 2-6pm at 3700 Galley Road,  join us for their Open House, where you will be able to see it all for yourselves.


~ Cassidy Laubscher

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