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We live in a sex saturated world that is more and more at odds with how God would have us live in order to experience the best life possible. So how do we live as Christians in a sexy world? Find out in this message series!

What’s A Body to Do?

So our culture tells us that what we do with our bodies has no lasting effect if you try to just stay safe and healthy. That’s exactly what the Corinthians were being taught in their culture. So are they right?

Sex And Marriage

Has a sex-obsessed society caused Christians to see sex as more important than it is? Have Christians downplayed how important sex is for married couples? How important is sex to a marriage? Paul wrote extensively about sexual behavior to the Christians in Corinth because their society was way off God’s guidelines on this issue, just as ours is. A blunt but not explicit talk about what the Bible says about our sexuality.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Once again, the new Christians in Corinth found themselves in conflict with the culture around them. And this time on the issue of divorce. What was Paul’s advice and how different is it from our current cultures thinking?

Single and Loving It?

Single people face unique challenges within both our culture and the church. Is singleness a gift from God or a hindrance to the best life possible?

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  1. Steve Campbell says:

    Thanks Barry! Awesome series! Thanks for putting them on the web site, I look forward to them here in Germany!


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