My Lord, and My God

I have enjoyed watching the NBC series AD very much.  When I first started watching I had to tell myself to watch the episode all the way through without criticizing.  I wanted to immediately start looking stuff up in my bible, talk to everyone in the room, which annoyed them immensely, about what did and did not “REALLY” happen.  I have watched episode one and two now 3 times each. Like I said I like it a lot.

I am loving that millions of people are seeing the bible, His Word, come alive on their very own TV every week, it makes me smile typing it.

While watching AD this past week, Thomas tells Jesus He is his Lord.  I knew that this was not the completed scripture in John 20:28.

Was it a big deal?

He did acknowledge in the show that Jesus was his Lord right, wasn’t that enough?

I was not sure if I should be upset and/or if I should be crying out how “WRONG” they were for leaving it out.

Then it hit me……..

Definition of Lord: Someone or something having power authority or influence, a master or ruler.

Ok, that fits Jesus right, and yet that definition of Lord, one having authority, a ruler, could also have applied to even Pilate right?

Definition of God: the creator and ruler of the universe & source of all moral authority; the supreme being

Synonyms The Lord, The Almighty, The Creator, The Maker

Ok, that fits Jesus and ONLY Jesus.

AD has done a very good job but I personally believe this was a grievous mistake.

As believers we need to confess, like Thomas, that Christ is our Lord and God……

and then the next step is to not only confess it but to LIVE IT.

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