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Our culture, including many Christians, are eating plastic fruit. It’s making us sick and causing us to miss out on the blessings of the real thing. How do we tell the difference between truth and plastic fruit? How do we help others tell the difference? That’s what we’ll discuss in this new series.

Losing Our Minds

Why would someone eat plastic fruit? Sure it looks good, but it’s empty and will make you sick. Our culture is eating a lot of plastic fruit, so to speak. How can we help them distinguish the plastic from the real thing?

There Is No God?

There is no God! How do we respond to this plastic fruit?

Is There A God?

Did you know Christians have used one argument for the existence of God since 1011 and it has yet to be definitively contradicted? In this message we talk about the 4 proofs of God Christian thinkers have used for centuries.

Is The Bible True?

So why should someone trust an old dusty book is actually a message from the Creator of the universe? Is the Bible real or Plastic fruit?

Is Jesus God?

In our discussion of Plastic Fruit, all our investigations and questions eventually come down to one question: Who is Jesus?

How Do We Respond To Other Religions?

Why are there so many religions? How do I choose which one to follow? Find out in the final message of our series on “Plastic Fruit.”


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