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We’ve had a kind of “motto” when it comes to moving forward here at MPC… “When we have the resources and the opportunity we move.”   If you have resources but no opportunity and you move,  you use resources ineffectively. If you have opportunity but no resources and you move, you find yourself being poor stewards. We have a moment right now where resources have met opportunity and we’ve moved.

Our overall goal as a congregation is to plant new congregations.  We think it is healthier to have many smaller/medium sized (I know that’s subjective) congregations than one really big one because those smaller congregations are better equipped to allow for relationships and service which is at the heart of the Church. To that end we have developed the idea of “the hub”.   A central group of staff that will equip, train, and help administrate a group of smaller congregations instead of focusing on one large congregation. We started that process by bringing on “volunteer staff” in the fall. These are individuals within the congregation that have spiritual gifts focused on equipping people and administrating large sections of ministry. These areas are big enough to need special focus but not big enough to need a paid staff member… yet.  For example, Nate Brewster is currently our Volunteer Staff leader in the area of Relationships and Discipleship.  You can hear our plan in more detail in this message:   The information on our plan to start new churches starts at the 26:30 mark.

Coming to the end of 2015 we actually had extra financial resources! We have about $28,000 over what we spent last year. Praise God for His care through the generosity of you, His people!  Our leadership talked years ago, before we ever thought we’d have some extra, that we wanted to make sure we never had a lot of money just sitting in the bank. We wanted to be good stewards and have some savings, but for the most part if we had extra resources we wanted to see if God was giving us opportunity for those resources to be used.

So, when we realized we’d have some extra we started looking for opportunities God was presenting us. Where was our area of biggest need? Where could we next move to take a step closer to our goals? We saw several things:

  1. Our Upward community kids basketball program was becoming large enough that it was too big for a volunteer to handle anymore.
  2. We were starting the Celebrate Recovery Ministry and it was going to be a big job.
  3. We had our new park and property and we really wanted to focus on using it as outreach to the community.
  4. Our “Country Christmas” event was a HUGE success and we anticipate it expanding next year.
  5. We are continuing to grow and we want to make sure people are getting plugged into areas of service based on their giftedness.

With that in mind we looked at one of our areas that connected with all those ministries… “Outreach and Involvement”.  David Laubscher was currently serving as our Volunteer Staff in that area. I talked with Dave and his wife Cass to see if they would be in a position to take on this area in a part-time paid position. Dave is finishing up school and is flexible in his other job and they have agreed to come on board in this capacity.  The resources to hire Dave are built into our 2016 budget and we can move now because we have the resources to do it already in reserve to help us adjust to the addition.

To start, Dave will be learning the ropes of Upward and taking over leadership in that area. He will also be working closely with Star Galasso, our volunteer Staff member overseeing the Celebrate Recovery Ministry, in getting that ministry up and running. He will be leading people through spiritual gift testing and helping them find areas to serve as the come through Starting Point. Over the next few months as Upward wraps up we’ll be looking at expanding our outreach into the community.  We have ideas such as concerts in the park, Upwards Football, Volleyball leagues, and simple park events. Dave will be leading in these new areas.

So to introduce Dave I asked him to write a short biography.

                 We are Dave and Cass Laubscher. We met in Kairos, the college ministry that MPC supports, in late 2006. We have been married for 7 years and have 3 children, Lucas (8), Cailyn (6), and Peyton (2). Number 4, Westyn will be here within a month or two. We were volunteers in the youth ministry at Sunnyside Christian Church since before we were married and this is how we became aware of MPC. Dave was the youth minister at Central Christian Church in Old Colorado City for just under 2 years before coming here.    

                After leaving Central, we started coming to MPC mostly for familiarity because we have known so many people here for so long. We thought that it would be a good “in-between” while David searched for ministry elsewhere. Through time, rejection, and lots and lots of prayer, we continued to feel like MPC was where God was leading us. We have now been here for almost 2 years and are so excited about all the things God has done and continues to do here.  

So that’s what’s going on. When we have the resources and opportunity we move. Please keep everything that is going on here at MPC in your prayers and know that we continue to value your generosity and the God given opportunities it allows us to move on to serve God’s kingdom. As always, if you have any questions please contact me!


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