Thank You for Your Generosity

I wanted to follow up a little bit on our topic from Sunday… greed. As we talked about trusting God with our security and learning to be generous, we saw a pretty significant offering Sunday. Our weekly budget is about $8500, and Sunday’s offering was over $15,000!

I first want to simply say thank you for your generosity. When I see a burst of generosity like we did Sunday, it provides great encouragement! To spur us all to not simply give an offering but to live a life of generosity and develop the spiritual discipline of giving, I want to share with you some of the opportunities we have right now if we continue to show such great generosity!

  1. We are working to improve our Children’s worship area. In October we want to begin providing a live worship band for our children’s worship time. To prepare for this, we need to add some upgrades to their sound system, lighting, and overall setting.
  2. We have repairs and maintenance needs for our Sunday morning adult worship area (a new speaker, some monitors, and general maintenance).
  3. We need more chairs. We’ve seen over a 20% increase in attendance this Fall! We are in need of about 50 more chairs for our worship area. (The cost is around $1800.)
  4. We are in the process of acquiring space for our planned new congregation. Over and above the monthly lease for the space, we will need funds to do some dry walling and electrical work along with eventually providing chairs, a sound system, and other general items as the time to begin draws closer.
  5. Finally, in the not too distant future, we will begin looking for a lead pastor for the new congregation. The idea is to provide his salary for the first 6 months while we work together in starting the new congregation. Once the congregation begins, they will begin to take over this responsibility.

Along with all of this, we continue to be committed to giving away 50% of everything that is committed each year! God has been good!

I wanted to share these things with you so you will be encouraged to not just give in response to a message, but to see the potential and rewards of developing the discipline of giving and a lifestyle of generosity. To get excited to partner with each other to see God work through us in our community, church, and individual lives. To see what He does when His people trust Him with their care and resources. To help you to risk stepping out in the area of generosity, to fight greed in our lives, and to learn to trust God at a deeper level.

I truly believe God has already provided the resources to meet the needs and opportunities we have.  The offering this Sunday just reaffirmed that! Thank you for your generosity! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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