Walk…Just…Like…Jesus…(A follow-up to Living In Jesus' Name)


So, how’s this living In Jesus’ Name working out for you? For me? How many times have you wanted to take that Jesus name tag off for the sake of His name not being tarnished by your actions…feelings…thoughts? Personally I can think of a few. This walking in The Way that is worthy of His call, it is surreal some days and “for real!?” other days. But I am learning as I pay attention to how Jesus lived; I am learning how real this all is. It’s not a Sunday and Wednesday, goosebumps on my arms, all the pieces are in their place way of life. No. This is a ‘today didn’t start out quite right, I don’t feel up to this right now Lord, I can’t believe You’re asking this of me, You know my limitations, I might…get…dirty…or worse…burned’ kind of life. And if I’m truly seeking to be just like Jesus, that is the life I must live. It is the one He did.

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