What will the Saturday Night service be like?

So what will the Saturday night service be like? Well, the message will be the same as the rest of our weekend services and we will have pre-school classes available (with nursery and children’s church coming later if we have volunteers available)… but other than that things will be quite different.

We wanted to offer, not just a different “style” of worship to draw more people or cater to convenience, but to provide a time of worship that would give a counterbalance to the more common high energy services found on Sunday and allow us to focus on some other aspects of corporate worship that we can’t include as fully in one service. With that goal in mind we have designed this service to be more “subdued” for a lack of a better word.  The key difference will be that corporate worship will not take the form of congregational singing for the most part. Instead, worship will center around prayer, both corporately and individually, and creative sharing of scripture. Our hope is not only to provide more variety of times for people to come together, but for a variety of corporate worship experiences that provide opportunities for people with different temperaments to connect with each other and God.

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