Meridian Point Church is a place where God meets people where they are. That means anyone is welcome no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. Our motto is “Serious About God. Crazy About People” so know that you matter to God and to us!


If you are planning on visiting and would like to know more about Meridian Point Church, we would like to meet you. Join us on the red carpet after the service for a reception just for you! One of our staff members will be there to answer any questions you may have. We also have a special welcome packet for you!


During services, children have services in the Children’s Building. K-5th grade meet upstairs. Nursery and toddlers, ages 2-5, go downstairs. If you are needed during the service, the number given you at check-in will appear on the screen. We also have a cry room located downstairs in the hallway of the worship center.


Yes, we have a cafe! Our cafe has great coffee, specialty drinks, and snacks available for you around the service times. Feel free to bring your refreshments into the worship center to enjoy.

What you can expect

Our desire at Meridian Point is to LEAD people to Christ, LIFT them toward maturity, and LAUNCH them to do the same. We want you to feel at home with us and assured that we are people seeking God as best we can. Our hope is that you will find a community in which you can discover God’s purpose for your life and make a difference in your relationships, your community, and your world.

Come as you are…

You don’t have to dress up or be any particular age. We don’t care who you voted for in the last election. And please don’t feel the need to pretend about anything. Meridian Point Church is a place where God meets people where they are, and we are all far from perfect. That means anyone is welcome no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. Not formal, not fake, we’re just family.

…but don’t stay that way.

Spectators find it hard to grow at this church. We encourage you to meet some people. Get involved and go deeper. Little steps you take toward God build on one another and lead to extraordinary results. At MPC, always be looking for your next step.


9:00 am & 10:45 am


5450 Meridian Road
Peyton, CO 80831

About our Sunday services

Our Sunday times together last about 80 minutes. Our worship is led by a full band with a modern contemporary style. Our messages tend to be conversational in style and range from studies of books in the Bible, questions from the congregation, issues that are in the news, and topics that are relevant to everyday life. We also highlight a time of communion weekly to all believers during the service. We are very casual and like to think that our times together feel more like a family “get-together” than a “service.” So dress casual and enjoy coffee and doughnuts at the Cafe!

Our weekend services offer care and programs for infants all the way up to fifth grade.

Meet the staff

Lead Pastor

Barry Zimmerman

Worship & Arts Pastor

Nate Stephan

Family Pastor

Monica Livingston

dave laubscher
Outreach & Involvement

David Laubscher

Relationships & Discipleship

Nate Brewster


Tony Zullo

Celebrate Recovery

Star Galasso

Property & Project Manager

Wade Williams

What we believe...

The Bible is the final authority for all we believe. 2 Timothy 3:16, 17

We believe there is one God, eternally existing in three persons (the Trinity): Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. John 1:1-14

We believe God is the Creator of everything. Genesis 1:1

We believe Jesus is exactly who the Bible says He is…  “God with us”. He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died to bring us back into a right relationship with God, rose from the dead, is now in heaven preparing an eternal home for those who follow Him, and will one day return. Luke 1:1-4

We believe we have all chosen to walk away from God and will justly die. Romans 3:236:23

We believe salvation is by the grace of God, not something we can earn on our own effort. It is found only in Jesus. Romans 6:23John 14:6Ephesians 2:8, 9

We believe the biblical response to God’s grace shown through Jesus is to turn from our sinful lives, declare Jesus as Lord, be immersed in His Name, and continue to grow in our relationship and knowledge of Him by loving Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Acts 2:38, 39

We believe those who have responded appropriately to God’s grace have His Spirit living in them, directing and guiding them, and serving as a “deposit” for heaven yet to come. Acts 2:382 Corinthians 5:4, 5

We believe life doesn’t stop here. There will be a judgment of every person with those who have decided to live with and for Jesus inheriting eternal life and those who have decided to live without Jesus facing eternal separation from God. Revelation 20:11-13

We believe all who have accepted Jesus as Lord are joined together in His family, the Church. Romans 12:4, 5

Our History

We began as a campus ministry of Sunnyside Christian Church, started specifically to create a dynamic ministry in the Falcon community. In the Spring of 2006 the former Falcon Christian Church asked Sunnyside Christian Church and Church Planters of the Rockies (CPR) to partner together, take over their property, and transform the community with a new vision. After the campus sat closed for the Summer of 2006, we re-opened the campus as Meridian Point Church on November 5, 2006.

In the Spring of 2008 we hired our current Lead Pastor, Barry Zimmerman. We introduced the idea of The CORE; Corporate Worship, Others Focused, Relationships, and Education. In the Fall we began a new education ministry on Wednesday nights called Adult Bible Classes (ABCs) and The “Y” for children.

In the Fall of 2009 we refinished our Worship Center with updated carpet and paint. We changed the facing direction of our Worship Center as well and watched our attendance increase by 27 percent. At the same time, members of our congregation partnered with us and launched new ministries to meet needs within our congregation and community.

In November of 2010 we became financially independent of all outside sources and began the process of establishing leadership within our congregation. We also determined to begin giving 50 percent of our committed giving directly to outside missions. We continued our support of Church Planters of the Rockies, began support of Mision Caribe (a mission in Honduras to which we also take mission trips), and set up a fund to encourage short term missions.

As we have continued to be blessed with consistent growth, in the Spring of 2011 we experimented with a Saturday night service and began work on a six year plan involving continued significant giving to missions and church planting.

In 2012 we began a year long study of Genesis through Revelation called “The Story” that placed the Bible in chronological order and helped us get an overall understanding of the Bible’s history.  We also appointed our first Shepherds (Elders/Overseers).

As we continued to see rapid growth we began the process of purchasing our current facilities and property from our planting church and began to save for a future church plant. We focused our Fall Kick Off on a series called “God vs…” in which we examined the different issues that are discussed in our culture (Is there a God? What is our role in politics? Evolution or Design?) and compared it to what God would desire of us. MPC continued to seek God’s direction as we served His purpose in the Falcon area and we were thankful for all God had done in our short history. We were just as excited to see what He had planned for our future!

After purchasing our facilities and property, we continued to grow steadily and expanded our property purchasing 10 acres to our south (for a total of 15 acres) where we built a park, walking track, and shooting range in order to host community and social events. We also began plans for remodeling and expanding our main facilities.

We upgraded our pre-school and nursery areas and added a lobby/teen area to allow for more room to congregate and to free up more seating in our gym for services. We also hired staff to oversee our outreach and involvement ministries.  During this time we met our goal of giving away 50% of yearly financial commitments to outside ministry partners Life Network (Family Support Ministry) and Kairos (College Campus Ministry) locally and Mision Caribe in Honduras. This year also saw us begin our Celebrate Recovery ministry to help those struggling with hurts, hangups, and habits.

With our new expansions allowing for the growth God has been providing in this location, we now move directly toward our goal of planting new churches in the Falcon area.

Serious About God.
Crazy About People.

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