About the Series

Barry Zimmerman is the Lead Pastor.

The powerful acts God performs to get His people released from Egyptian captivity are defining acts that help us get a better understanding who the true God of the universe…
Does God hear us? Does He care about our pain and suffering? Why does He so often seem to be silent? The beginning chapters of Exodus help us find answers.
This week we will honor fathers on this special day. What are some important values of a father? How can good father's change the culture?
Catch a glimpse of all the exciting things that are happening at MPC! This Sunday is the day to be here and discover what we’re planning for as the year…


Having devoted themselves to the Apostles Teaching, the Fellowship, the Lord’s Supper and Prayer, the early Church grew at a rapid pace. How can we experience the same kind of…
Women have always played a key role in God's plans for us. As we honor Mom's this week we'll discuss how they help us get to understand God better.

Serious About God.
Crazy About People.

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