About the Series

The Christians to whom 1 Peter is written, are facing increasing pressure from their culture to conform and they must decide if they are going to count the cost and stand strong. In this series we will examine what it will take for those early Christians to take a stand in the face of societal pressure and find out if we are able to do the same.


October 14, 2018
The generation gap. You hear the phrase all the time. But is it a phrase we should use in the Church?
Suffering has always raised so many questions. Why would God even allow it to happen? What benefit or good can come from it?
Our attitude and conduct is our greatest weapon when we face trails. How do we deal with the trials we face from those around us because of our relationship with God?

What? Me Worry?

September 23, 2018
When times get tough worry can be our worst enemy. How do we deal with worry, and how do we start responding more effectively during trying times?

Just Passing Through

September 16, 2018
How should the fact that we’ve been made right with God change our relationships? How are we as Christians supposed to react to bad bosses? Bad spouses? Issues with other…
The Christians Peter had written to had been ostracized from their community because of their faith. People without a place to call “home.” How are they supposed to live now…

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