Sermons Series: Did He Really Live Die Rise?

Did He Really Rise?

Each Spring, millions of people around the world acknowledge, in some fashion or another, that Jesus was raised from the dead some twenty centuries ago.

Even those who don't usually give Jesus a second thought will at least take notice on Easter to recognize the claim of His resurrection. So as the world watches, can we answer the question: Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

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Did He Really Die?

Did Jesus really die? Is it possible crucifixion didn’t kill him? Probably not likely. We’ll discuss why. The bigger question: why did He have to die?

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Did He Really Live?

Before we can get to Easter, we have to start here… because if Jesus really didn't exist at all, then we need to go no further into His death and resurrection as we head toward Easter. So how do we know Jesus really lived?

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