About the Series

What is God like? What issues concern Him? How does He want to interact with His creation? Join us as we study the Book of Exodus and try to answer the question, “Who is God?”

So what is the relationship of Christians to God’s Law? Do we have to follow it or can we ignore it? Will I have to give up bacon?

The Tabernacle

July 22, 2018

Are We There Yet?

July 8, 2018
The Hebrews had been sent to Egypt to “Live in a land that was not their own”.  In many ways, God remained silent in this time. Upon his return, however,…
The powerful acts God performs to get His people released from Egyptian captivity are defining acts that help us get a better understanding who the true God of the universe…
Does God hear us? Does He care about our pain and suffering? Why does He so often seem to be silent? The beginning chapters of Exodus help us find answers.

Serious About God.
Crazy About People.

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