Sermons Series: Jesus: The Gospel Of Mark

The End Of The Beginning

Now that Mark has presented the evidence that Jesus is exactly who He claims to be, he’s going to warn us of some obstacles we must overcome to accept that fact. Have you conquered these obstacles to Jesus in your life?

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Jesus Revealed

The Disciples finally start to figure out who Jesus is. How will this knowledge change them? How will it change us?

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Jesus And The Outsiders

We often create bubbles or tribes not just in society, but in religious life as well. However, Jesus, Paul, and the NT expands our thinking. How do we define who is “in” and who is “out” today? What does this mean for the way we practice faith? And how, like Jesus, do we bless the “outsiders”?

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Faith And Miracles

What is the connection between our faith and the ability of Jesus to perform miracles in our lives and the lives of those around us?


The Scariest Night

Mark gives us one of the scariest accounts in the Bible and it just so happens we’ll be talking about it at Halloween!

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Why Parables?

There are those who say that teaching "verse by verse" is the only way to teach the Bible. It's a fine way to teach but it's definitely not the way Jesus taught. What do we learn from the style Jesus used to teach?

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