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The Book of Mark has often been referred to as “the most important book ever written.” As we enter the Easter season, we’ll take a look at how Mark brings a unique perspective on the Easter account and what it means to our celebrations.

Mark's account of Easter is very rarely talked about on Easter Sunday. Why is this, and what insights do we learn about Easter from his unique account?
Mark has spent his entire account trying to prove who Jesus is. He rests his case with the cross.
As followers of Christ, we know that He will return. From now until His return, what are we doing with our lives and how are we spending our time? Can…
Jesus is confronted again and again and again… but He will finally end the attacks. How does He do it?
As we enter the Easter season, there are many things that can distract us from its true meaning. As we begin our look at Mark’s account of Easter, we’ll learn…

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