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Those who truly seek truth would have to logically ask when dealing with the Bible: Do we have the entire Bible? How do we know it’s what was originally written? Is there any way to prove this? In this series we will try to find the answers to those questions.

Archeology has provided amazing verification for the Bible. Come take a look at some of the fascinating things archeology tells us about our Bible.
What version of the Bible should I be using? Are translations enough to understand God's Word or should I learn Hebrew and Greek? Learn the history of Bible translations.
How did the Church decide which writings to include in the NT collection? Was it just a vote? Are there other books out there? How do we know what we…
From Moses to the Dead Sea scrolls, the writings and transmission of the OT is a fascinating account. How much of it do you know?
This message sets the stage for the campaign we’ll be taking next year using a book called “The Story.” If you want to find out how to get involved and…

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