About the Series

God had promised that He would do what humans had proven incapable of doing… design a plan to restore us to a right relationship with God, and save us from the mess we had made of His creation. Can God work with fallen humans to carry out The Plan? Find out in our new series from the book of Genesis!

Peace Be With You

February 5, 2017
Many churches do what is called “The Passing of the Peace.” This tradition has its roots in the very plan God started in the Book of Genesis. Find out the…

Trading Places

January 29, 2017
What would you trade for a serving of your favorite food? And what does that answer have to do with some of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make?

What Was He Thinking?

January 22, 2017
After years of waiting for Isaac, the son of promise, God commands Abraham to sacrifice him…and Abraham does it!?!?! What were they thinking? What are we supposed to learn from…
Was God’s destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and act of an angry, vengeful God, or in this account do we actually learn about God’s patience and mercy?

Helping God Out

January 8, 2017
The Plan begins with a promise that looks doomed from the beginning. Abram and his wife Sarai decide to help God’s plan out. But will their plan cause more harm…

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