Sermons Series: The Shack

“This Is Where You Got Stuck”

A big part of the movie “The Shack” is God’s attempt to help us get “unstuck” from certain events in our lives. Star Galasso speaks about how our Celebrate Recovery ministry helps people find healing and restoration in the times of life where we get stuck.

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So If God Loves us…?

So now the big question... if God loves us why is there so much pain and suffering? How can we learn to forgive others just as God forgives us?

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How Does God View Us?

I think for many, when we start thinking about God peering into our souls, knowing our every thought, getting to know who we really are, we get a little uneasy or downright paranoid.  But what if our perspective on how God views us, flaws and all, is wrong? What if we find God doesn’t react to the mess of our lives as we think He does?

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How Is God Portrayed?

The Shack portrays God in a very unique way for a movie. How accurate is this portrayal? What is God really like?

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