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Research shows that our number one source of information on love and relationships is media. So what is the media trying to teach us? What do fairy tales, rom-coms, and chick flicks teach us about the nature of love and relationships? Are they helping or poisoning us? Join us as we examine some of the most popular romantic movies from a Christian worldview.

If Beauty and Beast are going to learn to communicate well, Beauty is going to have to learn to talk smartly. How exactly do you do that with a communication-challenged…
Beauty and the Beast is a timeless classic. It’s a great example of sacrificial love and the difficulty of Beauties and Beasts to communicate and learn to “dance” well. In…
Titanic was one of the most popular romantic movies of all time. But have you ever stopped to think about what it’s really trying to say to us? Does it…
Cinderella is the quintessential fairy tale. It’s been made into over 100 movies! Why has it remained so popular, and has it poisoned us or helped us?

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