About the Series

A multitude of people appear in the Easter account in scripture and each have a unique Vantage Point to the event of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Through their eyes and experiences we’ll discover how our own Vantage Points effect how we respond to the greatest event in human history.

Cleopas and Thomas give us our last Vantage Point on Easter. Do you doubt Jesus really rose from the dead?
Mary has followed Jesus for years, she has served him by supporting his ministry, she is at the cross, she's first at the tomb and she persists in serving Jesus…
The Thieves hanging next to Jesus on the cross had a unique Vantage Point on Easter. Through their eyes we learn Jesus offers, not second chances, but whole new beginnings.
Pilate had a decision to make…what was he going to do with Jesus? That question is unavoidable and is a question each of us have to answer. Pilate gave his…
Jesus made some amazing claims including that He was sinless, from before creation, and was able to forgive sins! It seemed that He was claiming to be God Himself? Was…

Judas: Control

March 16, 2014
Judas is a character in the Easter account that we often have a hard time identifying with because we think we’d never do what he did: betray Jesus. But as…

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