Sermons Series: Wanted: The Hunt For The Seven Deadly Sins


Of all the Deadly Sins, lust probably results in the most tangible damage to ourselves, others, children, and culture in general. The more you mess with it, the more you’re just doing more and more damage to future blessings. So how do we defeat it?

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The Deadly Sin of Sloth tends to show up in two forms…physical and spiritual. How do we defeat both?

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Maybe "anger" is not the best word to describe this week's Deadly Sin, simply because it's a little too general. After all, we have plenty instances in Scripture of God's anger and Jesus getting angry, and yet we know there was no sin involved. So how exactly would we approach dealing with this Deadly Sin?

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When you have nothing, it’s a little easier to tell when you’re getting greedy. But when you have very little real needs… where’s the line? Of all the Deadly Sins, greed is the hardest to pin down, especially for Americans.

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Gluttony has a unique quality among the Seven Deadly Sins in that it's still considered a sin in our culture! But gluttony might not be exactly what you think it is. Join us as we see what makes gluttony so deadly and discuss how we can get a handle on our appetites!

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The Deadly Sin of Envy has been known as the “small town” sin. It does its best work among friends, family and neighbors. So what God-given hunger is envy feeding, and how can we feed it with something more spiritually healthy?

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