Sermons Series: You Know Better Than I

The End

As we come to the end of Genesis, Jacob reflects on his life in a series of blessings and curses he bestows upon his sons. Through Jacob’s blessings we will get an insight into understanding the potential of the legacies we will leave and how God’s faithfulness plays a part.

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Reunited: Repentance and Forgiveness

Someone has done you wrong. They are now at your mercy. What’s your first instinct? Revenge or forgiveness? The moment has arrive for Joseph’s brothers to face him. What will he do? And from his reaction, what can we learn about freedom from guilt and sin?

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You've probably heard numerous sermons on what you should do when things are falling apart, when things don't go as planned and when you're downright frustrated with God. But what do you do when things are going well? How do you respond when you are on the mountaintop? Come Sunday to hear some practical ways to respond to God's Blessings!

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Better Than What You Currently Have

When life doesn’t go as we planned we can either fight God, tell Him what to do, give up, or… we can do what Jospeh did.

Music Credit: You Know Better Than I (from "Joseph King of Dreams") © by Dallyn Vail Bayles

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You Know Better Than I

Join us as we begin to discover how we can trust God enough with our future to obey Him today.

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